Three Things to Scrap In Retirement

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Successful people are ambitious and disciplined. They set big goals and focus on achieving them over the course of a long career or a lifetime. Many people also have high-flying goals for their personal life– run a marathon, hike Mt. Everest, etc. There are people who assume they’ll cross many of them off their bucket list once they enter retirement and have more free time. But while you’re considering adding things you want to do in retirement, you might want to consider what you’d like to let go of. You may be willing to release certain things, concerns, or commitments, and there’s nothing wrong with that – here are three things you can scrap in retirement.

Your Old Wardrobe

Maybe you’d like to free up closet space occupied by work clothes you won’t want to wear again. More comfortable clothes can replace neckties and high heels. Not only will you have more space, but you’ll save money when you reduce your dry cleaning. You don’t have to downsize to declutter; you simply have to decide what’s worth keeping and what isn’t. 

The Worst Parts of Working

Once you retire, you can scrap the commute, the alarm clock, and office politics. While it can be good to keep some sort of routine in retirement, it certainly doesn’t have to be the same one you had while you were working. In retirement, you’re free to wake up whenever you want and free from navigating workplace protocols and rules. It also means having more time to spend with the people you love. If you decide to work part-time or volunteer in retirement, you can make sure it’s something you’re passionate about and do it as much or as little as you want.

Activities and Commitments You Don’t Love

There are plenty of things that could fill your time, even if work doesn’t. There could be novels you feel like you “should” read, people you “should” see, and destinations you “should” visit. But having more free time doesn’t mean that we must do all of these things. Everyone is free to make their retirement their own, and focusing on the activities and people you love most can make for a better retirement.

We can take your lifestyle goals into account when creating a comprehensive retirement plan for you. We understand that everyone has different retirement goals and that retirement planning shouldn’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we offer no cost, no obligation financial reviews, where we can meet you and learn about what you want your retirement to look like – sign up to speak to us!

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