DSTs Are the Carpool Lane of Investments

By JON HOGAN, CRCP® | SouthPark Capital January 10th, 2023 On our way to work, many of us are accustomed to sitting in standstill traffic, depending on where we are and what times we make our commute. Other than the jealousy you may feel when you’re sitting in that traffic and see a car in the carpool lane […]

The Perfect Storm for Retirees

By GEORGE TERLIZZI, INVESTMENT ADVISER | SouthPark Capital April 18, 2021 Today’s retirees could face a perfect storm because they are living longer and spending more time in retirement, while at the same time losing access to traditional pension plans. This means they may have to use different financial planning strategies than retirees of the past. Read More

Keep Politics Out of Your Investing Decisions!

By GEORGE TERLIZZI, INVESTMENT ADVISER | SouthPark Capital September 29, 2020 These days, following an election can feel like watching the same slasher film every day for six months straight. But how should our political leanings impact our investing decisions? Specifically, should you sell before, during or after the election? While some might say that depends on who […]

Should You Listen to Warren Buffett?

By GEORGE TERLIZZI, INVESTMENT ADVISER | SouthPark Capital May 27, 2020 With coronavirus continuing to upend stock markets and the economy, Warren Buffett’s advice steering investors toward passive investing through ETFs could be called into question. Read More

1 Way to Completely Offset Taxes on Millions in Capital Gains

By GEORGE TERLIZZI, INVESTMENT ADVISER | SouthPark Capital January 29, 2020 Congratulations! You just made millions selling your stock or the business you spent years growing. Uncle Sam plans to reward your windfall by sending you a big tax bill, but there is a way to possibly take those gains completely tax free: Opportunity Zone funds. Learn more […]

Getting Divorced? Avoid These 2 Tax Traps

By GEORGE TERLIZZI, INVESTMENT ADVISER | SouthPark Capital November 1, 2019 A divorce can be challenging for everyone involved, but there could also be additional tax traps that you’re not aware of. Find out how to avoid these tax traps, and make a taxing divorce tax efficient in George’s latest featured article on Kiplinger. Read More


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Addressing Market Volatility in Today's World

Addressing Market Volatility in Today’s World

Planning for retirement is never a “set it and forget it” task. There are unexpected disasters, market drops, and changing laws that could cause retirees to reevaluate their financial situation. Ultimately, there’s no way to predict everything that will cause market downturns. However, you can prepare yourself for one by having a solid financial strategy […]

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