What a Night!

In December members of the SouthPark Capital team had the privilege of volunteering at the 2022 WE SEE YOU event created and executed by Congregations for Kids (CFK).

If you don’t know, CFK equips and empowers the community to be champions for children, families and social workers in the foster care system, envisioning a city where every child has a champion. CFK has four simple pathways to help you become a champion for kids in foster care: Foster. Mentor. Serve. Give.

This amazing event, hosted at Carmel Baptist Church in Charlotte, celebrates and honors nearly 300 caregivers, child welfare professionals, and other child advocates from across 10 different counties! WE SEE YOU is an over-the-top, multi-church, community-wide event radically celebrating these front-line heroes. It is one of our favorite nights of the year! Check out the recap video and some photos below.

“So many days we feel like we are failing the children or maybe not the best fit, but We See You made us realize we are where God wants us to be, and your support and love renewed our devotion to the job that God has given us.” – Kinship Parent

“Thank you so much for recognizing us last night. It was so amazing. I am speechless and smiling from everything. It was truly so thoughtful. It is one thing to have friends acknowledge us but another to have the Charlotte community support us too” – Foster Parent

“It was amazing! I was feeling really burnt out but after attending We See You I dug deep and found my, ‘why’. Thank you.” – Social Worker

George, Robin and Sarah Terlizzi volunteered and had a super time. George commented:

“I was in a bit of a rush from a harried day when I arrived at our church to volunteer for the night. Needless to say I was not in the perfect state of mind. However, once the event began the clock and the concerns of the day simply melted away in the love and beauty of the night. On the way home, I commented to Robin that I’ve never seen so many truly happy, thankful people in one room. Seriously, smiles were abundant! Our community is blessed to have these fine folks caring for those in the Foster system and it was a privilege to love on them for the evening.”

Thanks so much to all of those who helped make this a great night. And special thanks to the CFK team who lives this every day!


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