Wealth Advisory



As independent financial advisors, our people work every day to contribute substantially to the prosperity of our clients and their families. This important work is done in collaboration with our clients and, as independent advisors, we stand beholden to no one but them.

We hold firm in our resolve to balance principal protection, cash flow and growth potential in formulating any financial platform. For those approaching or already in retirement we strive to accomplish the ever-elusive task of generating steady investment income to replace daily work. For younger accumulators our focus shifts to growth. Here we work hard to deliver excellence with respect to market oriented assets while providing sophisticated alternative investment options that may be beyond the scope of public markets.

Our approach, Endowment Model investing, is used with great success by the world’s most sophisticated institutional investors. At the core of the Endowment Model is the concept of producing non-correlated income and growth in a consistent fashion, regardless of market gyrations. Through our association with Kalos Financial, we have direct access to some of the foremost thought leaders in Endowment Model investment theory and the leading practitioners in the application of these concepts for ordinary investors. No longer are billions necessary to invest like an institution.

Our work begins with the creation of a customized portfolio specifically designed around you. Retirees, business owners, corporate executives and professionals alike enjoy the sense of community and deep understanding that is present when working with our team. Clients often remark that they enjoy doing business the old fashioned way, person to person, and that they feel understood. As your neighbors in the community our personal integrity is inextricably linked to the work we do together. That’s why year after year we thrive within the network of relationships that comprise those we think of as family: our clients.