Taxes are one of the single largest expenses we have, yet we spend so little time considering ways we can optimize tax payments. In our career, our business, and in life itself, it is as though Uncle Sam is a partner sitting at the table every time we make a leap of forward progress. While paying taxes is certainly an unavoidable part of life, paying more than necessary is needless.

The tax mitigation specialists at SouthPark Capital believe that increasing your tax efficiency can be achieved by taking an integrative approach when designing your investment management plan. There are different types of taxes to consider when designing an efficient tax-mitigation plan and each has their own requirements. Whether it’s capital gains, ordinary income or appreciated real estate, we have a strategy to deal with each one of them. If your income is high enough, your capital gains large enough or your Real Estate has appreciated enough – we’re standing by to assist! Without our help you’ll still make plenty of money, you just won’t keep as much of it.

If you’re ready to keep more of what you make it’s time to learn how with SouthPark Capital!

We work closely with Advisors in all the below categories. We are friendly to deal with participants who know our place and routinely work in support of CPAs, M&A Advisors, Attorneys, Commercial Realtors, Professional Agents, and others. We play nice and work to support the primary aims of those who invite us into their valuable relationships, always in the highest service to those who matter, our shared Clients.
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Business Owners

We work with business owners to improve their tax efficiency around ordinary income on a year-in-year-out basis. We also work with those selling their businesses to design specific tax efficient structures that have the potential to greatly impact their “walk away” numbers. If you are a business owner making in excess of $1m annually or are contemplating a divestiture transaction to include a going concern with or without real estate, we may be able to help.

Corporate Executives

Highly compensated corporate executives work with us to increase tax efficiency on their regular incomes over $1m. Further, extraordinary compensation such as stock options exercise, deferred compensation payouts and other irregular benefits can be greatly affected with a bit of early planning.


We work with physicians, attorneys, CPAs, and financial professionals to increase tax efficiency within their business entities and often can help them leverage pass through income credits they may otherwise be phased out of. Our clients work in worldwide partnerships, for large local firms and run their own firms. Regardless of your structure, we have solutions that should be carefully considered.

Real Estate Investors

We have very specific solutions for owners of appreciated investment real estate. If you are a property owner looking to get out of the daily management of specific properties but are holding off selling due to tax consequences, we may be able to help.

Often, we can provide institutional quality real estate solutions that allow you to maintain real estate exposure while achieving diversification. This could provide you with the ability to transition your investment exposure from a single local building to a portfolio of institutionally managed real estate that still produces regular income without the daily headaches of direct property management.

For those who wish to sell but understand their heirs will miss the opportunity to receive stepped-up basis upon their death, these solutions offer powerful estate planning opportunities that should not be ignored.

Entertainers & Athletes

For entertainers and athletes, it is critical to keep the most possible while things are working well and to prepare for the inevitable time when you must live from what you accumulated during peak earning years. Those we work with in this area have the unique challenge of managing often very large incomes with very few structural tools available. We have solutions that can soften the blow associated with especially large ordinary income for these individuals during peak earning years so as to improve accumulation for the years ahead.

High Net Worth Families

Year after year, generation after generation, wealthy families are taxed and taxed and taxed again. Those with enough wealth to establish a family office, generally $100m and upwards, get access to the very best tools to preserve and enhance their wealth. However, those stuck in between the mass affluent and family office level are often lacking in finding that right fit with a team that can act in a “family office” capacity and stay focused on the kind of bespoke, tailored offerings that can be a game changer as to the outcome. After all, what can seem like generations of abundance assured often ends in mere moderate comfort. The difference can come down to who is minding the store long after you have closed up shop.

DOWNLOAD our complimentary guides!

DOWNLOAD our complimentary guides!

We work hard to educate our clients, assisting in the ongoing effort to assess your current investment and retirement strategies. Visit the links below to explore our insightful guides and always know we’re here to answer your questions and help build a fully integrated retirement plan, in person, when the time is right.