Janet Correll
Janet Correll
Wealth Advisor

Janet comes to finance from a long career in retail management, marketing, community leadership and entrepreneurship. Throughout more than thirty years in business, Janet has distinguished herself as a thought leader in client service, consistently finding ways to deliver more than promised ahead of schedule. Janet’s approachable, down-to-earth demeanor arises from her experiences growing up in an Indiana farming community where one’s word truly served as their bond.

Having held positions of substantial responsibility for the likes of Saks Fifth Avenue and Brooks Brothers, as well as numerous community centered and entrepreneurial roles, she finds her varied and diverse background an asset in responding to any request for help and truly puts her personal integrity into each and every task she handles. In her role as Financial Advisor Janet forms relationships with our valued Clients, assisting them in executing every aspect of their financial goals.

Janet’s family provides personal-life experience with retirement needs, assisting her late-80’s parents as they navigate Medicare and all aspects of financial planning. Having lived in Charlotte for over 20 years, Janet takes great pride and joy in her three adult children and their English Setter, Lily.



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