At SouthPark Capital we believe our most closely held values must be obvious to those nearest us. To that end, we have created a unique non-profit funding platform known as Investor’s Impact.

Investor’s Impact grew out of George’s desire to give his young daughter firsthand knowledge of those who live in despair, not necessarily around the world but around the corner. In doing so he gained a deep understanding that great opportunity for better stewardship exists at the intersection of investing and giving.

The first inspiration sprang from our involvement with Beds for Kids, a local outreach focused on providing beds and other essential furnishings to every family in need in Charlotte. Through our work with Beds for Kids we became confident that our ability to produce steady, predictable cash flows from Endowment Model portfolios (our day job) uniquely positions us to contribute in a more substantial way to the non-profit community more broadly. Investor’s Impact is that effort.